Become a Blockvila Student

Are you creative. Are you driven, sociable and fun? Are you ahead of the game and full of ideas?
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The Blockvila Student Ambassador Programme is designed to utilise enthusiastic, knowledgeable and self-motivated students(youths) to harness the opportunities present in the world of Blockchain. We have put this program together as a means of empowering and creating job opportunities for the growing population of the Nigerian Youths. We believe in the youths as they are the future of Nigeria and consequently the flag bearers of the next generation. This is our way of contributing to the society and making Nigeria a better place. Student ambassadors will be working with the Team at blockvila to achieve youth-centric goals under guidance of the coordinators.


  1. Assist in coordinating blockvila promotions(events) at school.
  2. Refer students to blockvila initiatives, products, projects (academy) and services.
  3. Positively lead blockvila student community.
  4. Share BlockVila opportunities across all social media platforms, newsletters, presentations and posters.
  5. Community outreach and management.



Team Player.


Can do and ready to learn.


Exhibit Brand knowledge.


Communication : in-person conversational skills.


Crypto Enthusiast.


Possess a strong use of social media/blog presence.


Talent for relationship building.

If this is you, log on to and complete the form with required data. Application open from 10th August to 10th September, 2021. Follow Blockvila on Instagram, Telegram,Facebook .


The student ambassador initiative is a great way to earn, grow in knowledge and develop new skills. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

  1. Who is eligible to be a student ambassador?

    Students in any tertiary institution in 200L and above. See more info here

  2. How long is the student ambassadorship program?

    6 months subject to renewal.

  3. How do I get selected?

    Selection is a transparent process of meticulously looking at every application. Qualified students will be contacted electronically via mail.

  4. Can my appointment be terminated?

    Yes it can. If the ambassador's attitude to the role is lackadasical. Flip side is full time employment of student which means higher rewards and earnings.And if you are not meeting up with the target you will be terminated.

  5. How many hours am I required to work?

    You are required to work according to your own schedule of time but we will give you weekly and monthly targets to meet and so you have to make out time to be able to meet up with the target.

  6. Can I invest (stake) my earnings?

    Yes you can, as you wield the deciding power to determine what you want to do with your earnings.